The Sacred River Series

Two families. One flower. One undeniable attraction.

Clementine Rowan is closing in on the mythical love potion her family was once known for. She doesn’t have time to deal with the entitled Canadian who keeps asking about her plants. Tired of getting the runaround and determined to finally live up to his family’s expectations, Quinton decides to confront the woman who won’t answer his inquiries. Unfortunately for him, he’s woefully unprepared for what he finds.

When Clementine and Quinton finally come face to face, the attraction is more than chemical. It’s explosive.

What if every time you sang, you hurt someone you love?

For decades, Magnolia has kept her identity as the karaoke powerhouse Seven a secret. No one knows the real her – especially not the sinfully hot man she’s drawn to every time she sings.

When Riggs discovers Magnolia’s secret, he agrees to keep quiet, but there’s no stopping the way Magnolia’s magic grows right along with their feelings for each other.

Then there’s that pesky curse to deal with.