The Guided to Love Series

Ready for steamy romance that will leave you breathless?

Experience heartfelt connections and laugh-out-loud shenanigans in this unforgettable world of the Joseph Brothers and the women who bring them to their knees—sometimes literally.

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He’s always wanted her. She doesn’t do long term. Can he convince her to take a second chance on true love?

When Devon is forced home and comes face to face with the man who’s loved her from afar, she has to choose: continue to grieve her late husband, or take a second chance in love.

She’s crushed on him for years. He wants to be more than a pretty face.

When an electrical fire forces Jodi into the bed-and-breakfast Price hasn’t even opened yet, their newfound chemistry is enough to scorch everything it touches.

She’s chaos and sunshine. He’s order and grumpiness. What could possibly go wrong?

Tori doesn’t deal in regrets. Will doesn’t deal in chaos. Back home after decades, Tori suggests they enjoy some no-strings-attached fun, so Will puts rules in place to keep his life—and heart—safe. Ha.

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She’s high maintenance and out for revenge. He’s blue collar and happy to be used. Can she keep her heart safe from the man she never saw coming?

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